About Us

School Martin was started because as parents of children at an Independent school we wanted a voice and a place where we could chat about what’s good, bad and really great about the schools we send our children too.

No school is going to be perfect and we all have the occasional gripes but in general we wanted to celebrate all the good things that we are paying for.

We also started it to have a bit of fun and polite ‘banter’ (as I believe the kids call it) about something that makes Independent schools rather special – Match Teas. As parents we have experienced some amazing teas with waiter service and some really rather dodgy, curled up, dry teas that we would rather forget.

We also wanted a place where prospective parents could get an insider’s view of the schools that interested them for their children.

So as much as we want you to have a great time on this site please don’t use it to get even and name and shame. Do not use this site to individually name teachers or make untrue derogatory comments. Of course if it’s something nice I’m sure the schools and potential parents will be only too pleased to hear. Enjoy.

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